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Design of the wood floors: 1-strip, 2-strip and 3-strip wood floors

Nature is the main source of inspiration for Kahrs. The main principle of Swedish manufacturer has remained the same since 1857: Natural is best. This concerns the design of wood floors as well.

Every board has its individual form, color and pattern. These special features depend on which part of the trunk the board was made from. Kahrs chooses the boards to match, in the way to create a real masterpiece in design, – and the company copes well with its task. The result is a unique wood floor which is assembled like a mosaic, with attention and love.

Kahrs wood floors, are available in three designs:

1. 1-strip wood floors. The surface of the board is sawn in one piece. Wood knots, variations in tone, and the full character of the species chosen are clearly demonstrated. Another selection of floors has less colour variation and no or minimal knots. Kahrs one-strip floors are available in two lengths and two widths. They are ideal for large rooms.

2. 2-strip wood floors. The wear layer is two strips wide. Kahrs 2-strip floors are available in two varieties, one with longer strips and one with shorter strips. The first variety is ideal for large rooms, while the shorter strip variety is perfect for smaller areas.

3. 3-strip wood floors. With 3-strip floors the wear layer is three strips wide. The strips have different lengths and are positioned randomly. This creates a floor with an individual character. They are also graded into several varieties, enabling different floors to have a livelier or more tranquil feel. Kahrs offers a wide range of 3-strip floors.

Kahrs wood floors reflect the nature’s diversity. Choose everything you like! And be sure: whatever floor you choose, it will be refined, natural and beautiful.

Your home will be a magic place for you. Only here you can have a rest, relax and have a good time. It will be easier to breathe here! You will take pleasure in walking barefoot around the house. And deep and warm colours of your wood floor will meet the eye.
Kahrs grading, or selection, is the classification of wood floors according to their tone and pattern. These characteristics can be the main criteria of your choice: if the wood colour and texture are of importance when you are looking for a parquet floor for your home.

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