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Skirting boards’ Installation

The unique installation system of Pedross skirting boards makes the wood flooring’s laying easy, quick and reliable. The protected "Push and Press" mechanism of mounting skirting boards has many advantages:

  • invisible mounting skirting boards to the wall and the floor;
  • no nail and screw heads, no unsightly gaps;
  • cable duct for cables;
  • simple removal and repeated mountain of skirting boards.

The system "Push and Press" is suitable for all veneered profiles from 40 to 100 mm in height and 14 to 22 mm in thickness.

A skirting board’s structure:

  1. Finger jointed spruce (extremely hard-wearing);
  2. Extra-strong adhesive (free of formaldehydes and solvents);
  3. High quality real wood veneer (including valuable wood species);
  4. Surface treatment with UV-varnish or oil (free of heavy metals and formaldehydes).

Skirting boards are bundled with thermo-insulating foil and corrugated cardboard per 10 boards in a package.

Mounting skirting boards:

  1. Degrease the surface of the floor and wall, which carries the skirting board;
  2. Drill holes for the fasteners of the fixing mechanism at a distance of 25-55 cm;
  3. Install the fixing elements;
  4. Lay cables in the cable duct;
  5. Install the skirting boards.

The ends of two skirting boards should be mitered, angle of 45 degrees. There are suitable matching connection and finishing elements for the profiles 40/22 and 60/22: inner/outer corners and end pieces. They are available in many colours that are matched with wood.

Kahrs grading, or selection, is the classification of wood floors according to their tone and pattern. These characteristics can be the main criteria of your choice: if the wood colour and texture are of importance when you are looking for a parquet floor for your home.
There is something that is not clear. Some definitions should be more precise or detailed. It happens that one can pronounce or write the things incorrectly. This article’s task is to examine all spelling mistakes in the words connected with wood floors, wood species and skirting boards.

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