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Some more reasons for choosing a wood floor from Kahrs

Kahrs floors embody the beauty of the natural wood.

1857, Sweden. The company “Kahrs” is found. Today, the Kahrs group is world’s biggest wood flooring manufacturer. Having worked with wood for 150 years, the company knows that the best natural parquet is about. This is not only a parquet floor, but...

1. Natural Material

Kahrs uses only natural materials: ash, oak, cherry, maple, alder, pine, spruce, larch, birch, and exotic species. All raw materials as well as their suppliers are thoroughly chosen. This results in Kahrs high-quality and natural floors. Still remember that nature never stands still: all wood changes colour over time, and the floor becomes more beautiful.

2. Kinder to Nature

Using up-to-date techniques permeates the environmental friendly production of Kahrs wood floors. Even the work at all production units has the minimum impact on the outdoor environment. Kahrs offers the best floors that are safe, natural, non-allergenic and comfortable to walk on.

3. Economical use

Technical superiority of wood floors’ production is one the most important reasons for choosing Kahrs. Swedish company has always had respect for what nature has given a man to develop and hold in trust. For Kahrs, every single piece of wood is appraised, and its natural form and figuring are utilized to create unique wood floors with character. Therefore, economical and efficient use of natural wood is one of the company’s commitments. The original floor’s construction gives an example of responsible and sensible use of natural resources.

4. Functionality

A Kahrs modern wood floor is constructed on the multi-layer principle. This means that the floor is stable and stays level even during seasonal variations in temperature and air humidity. In addition, a floor with the Woodloc® joint retains its strength throughout all its lifetime. So, a floor from Kahrs is also ideal with underfloor heating. The surface treatment with an extra-strong lacquer is strong enough to let you forget about potential problems that may occur because of daily wear and tear. Just enjoy your high-quality Kahrs wood floors.

5. A big range

Kahrs offers an assortment of more than 10 unique collections of wood floors classified according to their design, wood species, and surface treatment. You can choose any style you like: classic or high tech, American style or European Renaissance, a floor with a maritime feel or sunny like sand… Furthermore, Kahrs presents a wide range of wood species – from traditional European to valuable exotic species of South America. Whatever floor you are looking for, you can find it by Kahrs.

6. Genuine Quality

Kahrs has carried its high quality performing of wood floors to perfection over a long period of 150 years. Swedish company is no doubt a world’s leader of innovative manufacturing technologies. All the products are guaranteed to be of high quality. This is due to Kahrs traditions, craftsmanship, innovations, a laborious and creative work, and the respect for nature. The result is unique high-quality wood floors that are the source of pleasure and comfort.

7. Traditions & Innovations

In 1857, Johan Kahr, founder of the company, takes innovations as the cardinal principle for the further development of wood floors. Today, Kahrs is one of the world’s most innovative companies involved in the processing of wood. The improved techniques turn the production into an art. Kahrs craftsmanship and a passionate interest in design and new technology are combined to create beautiful floors based on the wood’s natural appearance. We produce the best wood floors, and that is really so.

Seven reasons, given above, present a formula for comfort at your home.

Kahrs wood floors are worth being chosen. And the main reason for it is the pleasure that you will take when you experience the feeling of nature at your home.

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