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Only this and not other way

There is something that is not clear. Some definitions should be more precise or detailed. It happens that one can pronounce or write the things incorrectly. This article’s task is to examine all spelling mistakes in the words connected with wood floors, wood species and skirting boards.

First of all, as the floors constitute the main interest of our business, let’s examine the name of Swedish wood flooring manufacturer – Kahrs. It sounds in the original like "chairs". The spelling "Kahrs" is also acceptable. But it is incorrect to write "Khars" or "khars". So, two variations of the company’s name are correct: "Kahrs" or "Kahrs".

The name of Italian manufacturer of skirting boards is "Pedross", and not "Pedros".

As for the expressions that are used by describing different processes, such as "skirting boards’ installation", sometimes you can hear that "a skirting board is laid". However, it is better to say "the installation of skirting boards" or "mounting skirting boards".

The skirting boards are veneered, i.e. their wear layer is a thin veneer sheet of a real hardwood.

Kahrs uses many different wood species by producing wood floors. Of course, we know the spelling of the traditional timbers, like "birch" or "ash", but the names of exotic species that occur in Africa, Asia or Australia, need a spelling check. Here are some examples. Palisander is an Indian tree that can rarely be found anywhere else. It has a dark chocolate brown wood. The name of this species should be written "pAlisander", (not "pOlisander"). If you are looking for a reddish merbau floors, be aware that it is written "mErbau" and not "mIrbau". The spelling of jarrah seems to be especially difficult, as it can cause a lot of mistakes when deprived of an "r" or "h".

The same can be said as to some other unusual names of exotic timbers that are used by producing veneered skirting boards, such as "hEvea" (instead of "hAvea") and "zEbrano" (instead of "zIbrano").

The unique installation system of Pedross skirting boards makes the wood flooring’s laying easy, quick and reliable.
Oak, or Quercus, is a genus of deciduous trees, of which about 600 species exist on earth. The fruit of the oaks is a nut called an acorn, or oak nut.

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