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Grey wood floors will add the feel of stability and harmony to your home

When you get tired with bright colours and intense emotions, an interior in grey tones will create an atmosphere of peace and comfort at your home. The grey colour gives you more freedom, settles your nerves and awakes positive emotions and ideal feelings which enhance the tranquility and harmony in yourself. If this colour predominates in your interior, your home will be your favorite place where you can relax, stay alone and indulge in reveries.

At the same time, you can easily experiment with new trends and styles, because it is no secret that a white-and-black combination prevails in today's tendencies of the interior design. Grey is thus a kind of the happy medium that balances and smoothes two contrasting colours.

However, from the foregoing it does not follow that your fantasy is restricted within a white-grey-black gamut of colours. Grey can be combined with green, red, blue, beige, peach, ruddy and many other colours. The grey colour will add to the beauty of any tones even if they seem too bright when taken separately. A grey wood floor will also harmonize with different materials, such as ceramic tiles, sand-coloured hard stone, walnut- or cherry-wood products, aluminum or silver decorative elements.

Kahrs has always striven to be on the wave of new trends and tendencies of the modern interior design. The creative department of the company has already developed four oak floors with a grey-coloured stain:

The floors are designed in three different ways: one-strip, three-strip and Hungarian stitch. All the floors are brushed and treated with matt lacquer. This makes them feel warm and increases the feeling of nature.

If you are a very sensitive person, for whose the emotional and physical satisfaction stands well to the fore, choose a grey wood floor, as the dark grey colour expresses a perpetual conflict between mind and anxiety.

Choosing a floor from Kahrs, you also choose tranquility, inner harmony and emotional stability. Fill your home with comfort, and it will become your shelter from stresses and worries.

In 2007, Kahrs renamed its all floor-producing units, and this complete change of front of Swedish leader’s naming structure resulted in the creation of Collections. This article joins new names of Kahrs products and their old equivalents.
In 2000, Kahrs launches the first glueless floor joint – Woodloc. Today, it is the most up-to-date technology of laying the wood floors. To demonstrate all the advantages of this innovation, let’s examine the other methods of wood floors’ installation that existed before.

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