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A wood floor is a gift of nature

Contact with nature is the very last word of any progress, science, reason, common sense, taste
and excellent manners.
Fyodor Dostoevsky

Your home will be a magic place for you. Only here you can have a rest, relax and have a good time. It will be easier to breathe here! You will take pleasure in walking barefoot around the house. And deep and warm colours of your wood floor will meet the eye.

A parquet floor made of natural wood… The best wood floor, born in Sweden, very modern and absolutely environmentally friendly. It is a living and breathful material. As wood is exposed to sunlight and air moisture, its natural colour changes over time: it darkens, deepens, and becomes more distinctive. These changes only add to the beauty of wood floors. After a little time, you can not imagine how you could live without a wood floor. It makes root, becomes a part of your home, and merges with it, imbued with your feelings, thoughts, and desires.

Strong, stable, durable. High-tech methods of wood processing dramatically prolong the floor's lifespan that can last for more than 100 years. The floor is strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear; it is also fungus-proof and resistant to warping and damage. It keeps warmth at home.

The wood floors have a very special construction of the boards. K?hrs developed an original multi-layer construction to minimize the movement of the wood affected by climatic changes and ensure less cupping and more stability. The Woodloc joint contributes to the durability of the floor. It is also ideal with underfloor heating.

Wood floors are environmentally friendly. K?hrs uses only safe and non-allergenic materials and tools by wood processing and floor installation. Leading high technologies meet an ecological engineering approach to produce high-quality wood flooring.

Wood floors are so beautiful! All wood species vary in tones and patterns, and each tree has a very particular figure and veining. Wood floorboards installed in different ways can excite anyone's imagination. Different textures, species and grains are combined to create a specific look at your home's interior.

Wood floors are made of many different wood species. You can live in central Russia, and the floor that you are walking on can be manufactured from the tree grown in South Africa, in Peru or in Canada. Or maybe in one of the Mediterranean countries. This tree that could cross a half of the world before it became a wood floor at your home brings with it a unique feel – the spirit of the country. This feel can communicate you a delicate aroma of tropical forests, the sounds of national melodies, the rhythms of old colonial dances. A wood floor made of exotic timbers (merbau, jarrah, jatoba, kempas, rosewood) can be an exclusive element of your d?cor without compromising its functionality. The wood floors made of European species can hit the highlight of a more traditional interior. The big range of the many different wood species allows making a world tour without leaving home.

The leading woodworking companies producing wood floors have a lot of respect for nature. They all have pledged to work towards ecological forestry, to make economical, responsible and sensible use of natural resources. They follow the principles of sustainable development, that's why these manufacturers have an impeccable reputation.

Enjoy yourself! If you do not like low-quality substitutes for nature, if you take care of your health, comfort and well-being, choose a wood floor. You will never be disappointed with it.

Nature is the main source of inspiration for Kahrs. The main principle of Swedish manufacturer has remained the same since 1857: Natural is best. This concerns the design of wood floors as well.

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