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Selection of the wood floors

Kahrs grading, or selection, is the classification of wood floors according to their tone and pattern. These characteristics can be the main criteria of your choice: if the wood colour and texture are of importance when you are looking for a parquet floor for your home. Kahrs divides all its big range of wood floors into three selections:

1. City. These floors have a uniform and regular timber grade without variations in tone and pattern. They can be light or dark depending on the wood species. If you like a tranquil, uniform floor with even graining, take a look at the City selection.

2. Town. These floors are characterized by subtle variations in tone and pattern, but without knots. They form a classic backdrop, which sets the focus on the rest of the decoration. If you prefer a floor with minimal variations, look for a floor in the Town selection.

3. Country. These floors have more dramatic graining and greater colour variation. Knotted wood, spots, resin stains, coarse grains – all these details make the wood pattern unmistakably natural and bold. If you are striving for a more rustic look, choose a floor in the Country selection.

Nature is the main source of inspiration for Kahrs. The main principle of Swedish manufacturer has remained the same since 1857: Natural is best. This concerns the design of wood floors as well.
The unique installation system of Pedross skirting boards makes the wood flooring’s laying easy, quick and reliable.

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