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Our search for ideal sports flooring

You are owner of a gym or training center. Or you have a room at home where you exercise. Would you like the floor under your feet to be the best in every respect? Let's examine the question.

So, you need a sports floor. In fact, it takes a lot of time, energy and money to keep the sports flooring in a good state. Continual loads (weight of gym apparatus, running, ball bouncing, etc.) have a strong impact on the floor. Training equipment is even less troublesome than the floor's maintenance; its repairs can result in a considerable item of expenses. However, you will have no problems, if you install the right sports flooring.

Whatever sports you are going to indulge in, the flooring in a sports hall/club or training center should:

  • have high shock-absorption properties;
  • assure maximum sound insulation;
  • be stable and hard-wearing;
  • be safe;
  • be easy to lay and maintain;
  • be environmentally friendly;
  • meet the eye.

The right floor should satisfy all these requirements. So, we have seven main criteria that should be applied to the full range of marketed sports floors to choose the best one. Of course, because the destination of flooring determines its construction, any sports flooring system includes an absorption material and performance surface.

Sports flooring is obligatorily certified to comply with standards (energy absorption, strength, standard deformation, resilience, ball bounce, friction and rolling load). Contact your supplier or floor manufacturer to get the details.

PVC, monolithic, rubber and wood are traditional materials for sports flooring. Let's examine the advantages and disadvantages of all of them.

PVC-flooring has a multi-layered construction based on PVC foam and reinforced with nonwoven fiberglass. The surface layer is made of PVC. This type of flooring has good shock-absorbing properties and dampens bounce easily thanks to the PVC foam core.

BUT! The PVC-flooring's joints do not guarantee its stability. Moreover, the appearance of such flooring leaves much to be desired.

Monolithic flooring systems are based on acrylic and polyurethane technology. This flooring is waterproof, rather resilient and yielding; the hardness can be regulated during the installation.

BUT! Monolithic flooring systems are rather difficult to install. Monolithic flooring is as good and durable as the subfloor allows. Furthermore, climate changes affect the flooring dramatically.

Rubber flooring can mean calendered flooring based on vulcanized natural and/or synthetic rubber, and polyurethane flooring powdered with EPDM-pellets of an appropriate size. The calendered flooring is durable, resilient, hygienic, nontoxic, and heat-resistant.

Floorings with pelletized EPDM are able to withstand high temperature; they can be restored with no mark left. This type of flooring is approved by ATP and WTA.

BUT! Calendered vulcanized rubber flooring requires a dry, even and level subfloor. At the same time, this flooring lacks for durability.

Wood flooring is made of solid hardwood of different species. It has a special multi-layered construction that makes it resilient and provides bounce. Such wood flooring absorbs shocks and greatly reduces injuries. This is an ideal floor for gymnastics, aerobics and dance. Wood flooring can be laid on an uneven subfloor!

Multi-layer wood floors are treated with several coats of high-strength lacquer. Naturally, sports floors are made of the most durable timbers, like beech and oak. Modern natural wood floors are fast and easy to install. Resilient expanded foam fitted to the underside of a floorboard is used for springing.

A sports oak or beech floor is the most environmentally friendly flooring that can withstand the weight of any gym apparatus. It has a long life and beautiful appearance.

BUT! Natural wood floors have no "BUT!". They are really the best: durable, stable, resilient, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Sports wood floors will last you for many years. If you are interested in high-quality and real professional gym apparatus, you can purchase them here.

When we go in for sports, we stay alone, though there are many people around. We want to be free, on the move, and live a full life. Everything that surrounds us is to help us and not to put obstacles in our way. This concerns the floor under our feet as well.
Switzerland, 2006. Unprecedented event – independent tests in a mode non-stop of parquet boards of leading manufacturers with a world name: Barlinek, Bawerk, Eko Wood, Forbo, Haro, Karelia, Magnum, Maister, Marty, Parador, Tarkett and Kahrs.

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