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Kahrs Activity floor: a floor that is a real dream!

"An ideal surface that has everything a good floor needs for competition and training."

Helena Nahafahik-Cardoso, triple World champion in Aerobics

What is like?

When we go in for sports, we stay alone, though there are many people around. We want to be free, on the move, and live a full life. Everything that surrounds us is to help us and not to put obstacles in our way. This concerns the floor under our feet as well.

What should the floor in a gym be like? Or in a showroom? Or the floor in a public place exposed to heavy traffic?

The answer is simple: it should be a real sports floor.

This is a floor which answered the highest demands on resilience and shock absorbency, yielding and resisting when it should. Kahrs offers the collection of sports floors – Activity Floor – that create an optimal surface for all types of sports and are available in Oak, Beech and Maple.

Kahrs Activity Floor combines excellent energy-absorbing qualities with durability and good looks. This floor is able to withstand a load of scores of people running, bouncing, spinning, twisting and turning at the same time.

Tests carried out by the Norwegian Building Research Institute, show that Kahrs Activity Floor excels in all categories, such as energy absorption, deformation, ball bounce, rolling load, friction, etc.

Ball bounce (%)
Rolling load
Friction coefficient
1500 N
0,4 – 0,6

Kahrs Activity Floor has a lot of technological benefits:

  • total thickness 30 mm, giving very low construction height;
  • wear layer 3.6 mm, can be sanded several times;
  • overlapping pressure distribution with HDF board across joints on long sides and short ends;
  • resilient expanded foam for energy absorption and springing;
  • unique Woodloc® joint locks the boards together without glue;
  • high-quality UV-cured polyurethane-acrylic lacquer to withstand wear and tear;
  • an interlocked board construction designed to minimize the wood's natural movement;
  • several layers of polyether with progressive hardness (for correct energy absorption relative to loading).

What is Woodloc?

Woodloc is an ultra-strong joint of floorboards, which makes the floor installation fast and simple. The tensile strength of this joint is more than 10 kN/m. The patented Woodloc® system provides perfect joints between the boards. This eliminates the need for additional floor battens or special fittings.

Thanks to the Woodloc® joint, the floor can be laid directly on the subfloor

The full installation of Kahrs Activity Floor takes several hours. Kahrs Activity Floor features a unique "all-in-one" construction, so the floor is ready for laying.

2090 mm
205 mm
10, 63 kg
0,43 m2
4,55 kg
1,71 m2
18,2 kg

Kahrs Activity Floor can cover the surface up to 25х50 m.

Let's sum up. Kahrs offers a high-quality sports floor that can be installed in:

  • sports halls;
  • showrooms;
  • shopping malls;
  • dance studios;
  • auditoriums, etc.

Kahrs Activity Floor is an excellent solution for big (and not so big) rooms which are going to accommodate any sports or host public events. A fast and easy installation makes it also possible to use the floor on temporary surfaces.


NCityCountryLocationType of activitySize
1UppsalaSweden Fyrishov Fencing Hall Fencing 230 m2
2Moscow Russia FISAF, Federation of International Sports, Aerobics and Fitness, the World and European Fitness and Aerobics Championships 140 m2
3Astersund Sweden Astersund Municipality's Sports Hall Basketball match between Sweden and Yugoslavia 998 m2
4Stockholm Sweden TV channel (studio) TV-shows 630 m2
5Kiev Ukraine Grand-Prix Sports Club Fitness and Aerobics 400 m2
6Kiev Ukraine Favorit Sports Club Fitness and aerobics, fighting sports 100 m2
7Frankfurt Germany Youth Sports Center Youth Football Promotion 350 m2
8Hamburg Germany Physiotherapy Center (consulting room) Physiotherapy 57 m2
9Malma Sweden Far Halsa Center Aerobics 400 m2
10Stockholm Sweden Riksdagshuset Floorball 141 m2
11Oulu Finland S.A.T.S Group Aerobics 200 m2
12Trento Italy Sports Hall Various activities 848 m2
13Rotterdam Netherlands World Championships in Aerobics 2004 300 m2
14Drammen Norway Akropolis Training Center (dance studio) Dance 108 m2
15Trondheim Norway Nypvang School (gym) Gymnastics 241 m2
16Lapoutroie France Judo 230 m2
17Strasbourg-Robertsau France Dance Hall Dance 200 m2

Oak, or Quercus, is a genus of deciduous trees, of which about 600 species exist on earth. The fruit of the oaks is a nut called an acorn, or oak nut.
You are owner of a gym or training center. Or you have a room at home where you exercise. Would you like the floor under your feet to be the best in every respect? Let’s examine the question.

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