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Test drive of wood floors: a sports excitement in the laboratory

Le grand orateur du monde, c’est le succes.
Napoleon Bonaparte

Our test drive includes many worthy competitors such as European and Asian leaders of woodworking industry. And we have chosen some criteria for this test. No pole-positions: all the competitors are a priori considered to be equal. Our purpose is to determine the best wood flooring manufacturer.

All right, let’s start. On your marks, get set, go!

Lap 1. Strength of Joint

It is known that wood strives to achieve a moisture balance with its surroundings. When there is a lot of moisture in the air, a wood floor expands. When the humidity level drops, the floor contracts. Even though the expansion or contraction of a floor is small when expressed in millimeters, the force exerted in the process is great. If there are heavy pieces of furniture in the room, the stress on the joints is enormous.

Now, the tensile strengths of a number of joints from different manufacturers are tested. Two boards, joined together with a special glueless joint, are attached to a machine that then pulls the boards apart. The machine measures the force needed to separate the boards.

Below, you will find the results from the test. The figure also shows the materials used in the various joints.

Strength of joint, per meter


Kahrs is the leader of this lap.

Lap 2. Surface Durability

How can it be tested in the laboratory? The test was performed by rotating a sample of each floor at a specified pressure against a nylon cloth a specific number of times. The diagram below shows the results of the test. The more damage to the surface, the deeper the graph.


Kahrs completes this lap first.

Lap 3. Climate Stability

During the drier part of the year, the wear layer shrinks more than the core lamellae. This can result in concave boards. The right balance between the layers improves performance and reduces movement.

During the more humid part of the year, the whole board construction swells. The wear layer attempts to expand 20–40 times more than the lamellae. This can result in convex boards and an increase in the width of the floor. The third test was carried out to measure the change in cupping from dry season to wet on Kahrs floors and those of a number of competitors. All floors were exposed to moisture as well as drying out. The graph below shows the total change in cupping.


Total change. Cupping.


Finish line. Which floor is the best?

A checkered flag indicates the victory of Kahrs at the end of this race! After an impartial assessment of the test-drive’s results, independent experts acknowledge an absolute triumph of Swedish company.

Leader-Parquet Company comments:

…Our company received this information from Kahrs engineering department. You can find more details in the special brochure "Five more reasons for buying Kahrs", that you can get at our trade exhibition pavilions.

The question "Should we believe in the results of this test?" is rhetorical. No one of Kahrs’ competitors has presented any disproving evidences or any information about other tests that could cast doubt on the results of this independent examination.

We’d like to add that the experts did not examine the environmental aspect of wood floors. However, as the authorized dealer of Kahrs in Russia, we are ready to present you all necessary information about chemical elements which are used by Swedish company.

We should also say that this examination can not be considered as complete and all-embracing. For example, because the independent experts do not evaluate the aesthetics of wood floors. Simply speaking, the experts do not compare the beauty of such and such floor, and they do not "measure" either the tactile feel which provide different floors, – while these two criteria are very important and have a great influence on the final decision of a customer. Of course, the decision for Kahrs.

In fact, we had worked with many different wood flooring manufacturers since more than ten years, and our experience strengthens us in our decision to cooperate only with Swedish company “Kahrs”, an actual leader that leaves all its competitors in the dust. When you choose a wood floor from Kahrs, you can forget about all potential problems, such as crunches, cracks, splitting, discoloration, etc. Now you know the answer at the question "What wood floor is the best?" So, just enjoy your high-quality floor, this paragon of beauty and style.

As for us, Leader-Parquet Company, we are glad that we continue to receive many good references from our clients.

Incidentally… open a bottle of champagne in honor of the winner – Kahrs!

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