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Laying Kahrs Activity Floor is quite simple!

Kahrs Activity Floor is where the craftsmanship of the old Swedish company meets new technology. The activity floor is manufactured from maple, beech and oak hardwood, which are extremely strong and hard-wearing. The floor is thereby ideal for laying in sports buildings.

Kahrs Activity floor with reinforcing and energy absorption properties is suitable for the places with high exposure to loading (weight of training equipment, pressure of many people who are walking, running, and playing ball on the floor at the same time). Although it is rather thin (total installation height of 30 mm), this lightweight wood floor is beautiful and durable and lasts for many years. The surface wood layer is 4 mm thick and can be re-sanded 3-4 times. The shock-absorption properties of the floor are due to the resilience elements in the middle of the floor construction. Click here to see more details about Kahrs Activity Floor.

However, the real advantage of the floor is its quick and simple installation that you can carry out without specialists within several hours. The protected glueless Woodloc® joint makes the installation even easier.

Kahrs Activity floor is delivered by 4 boards in a package, and is ready for installation.

1. Begin in one corner and install from left to right. The floor’s distance to the walls can be adjusted when three rows have been laid. Place keys between the floor and wall. The keys must be removed once the installation of the floor is complete.

Step 1

2. Press the next floor board at an angle to the first and lay it down. Continue in the same way with the rest of the row. Cut the final board in the first row to the correct length and begin the next row with the piece that was left over. The boards’ end joints are staggered by at least 500 mm.

Step 2

3. Push in a Kahrs installation key under the board you have already installed at the short end.

Step 3

4. Press in the next board’s short end at an angle and lay down the long side.

Step 4

5. Remove the installation key.

Step 5

6. Knock lightly with the hand block on the long side while at the same time carefully pressing the board down. Continue in the same way with the rest of the floor.

Step 6

Now you see how the best sports floor is easy to install. As the saying goes, "all the great things are simple".

Kahrs Activity floor is easy to maintain as well. For daily cleaning, use dry methods, e.g. vacuuming. Damp-clean the floor as necessary. The film of water left by the floor cloth must dry within a minute.

Even a schoolchild is able to lay Kahrs Activity floor. It is really a perfect floor, isn’t it?

Go to the collection of Kahrs Activity floors >>.

Switzerland, 2006. Unprecedented event – independent tests in a mode non-stop of parquet boards of leading manufacturers with a world name: Barlinek, Bawerk, Eko Wood, Forbo, Haro, Karelia, Magnum, Maister, Marty, Parador, Tarkett and Kahrs.
In 2007, Kahrs renamed its all floor-producing units, and this complete change of front of Swedish leader’s naming structure resulted in the creation of Collections. This article joins new names of Kahrs products and their old equivalents.

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