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Oak. Durable and beautiful

Oak, or Quercus, is a genus of deciduous trees, of which about 600 species exist on earth. The fruit of the oaks is a nut called an acorn, or oak nut.

The oaks can be classified according to their wood properties that depend on the ground where an oak grows. There are three main types:

  • the Holm Oak, or Holly Oak (Quercus ilex), with finely square-fissured blackish bark. Holm Oak grows in relatively arid climates. It has a stratified light-cream wood, which is hard and heavy but not very resilient.
  • the Swamp White Oak (Quercus bicolor) is usually found at low or moderate elevations, in broad stream valleys, and the margins of lakes, ponds, or sloughs. The bark is a light ash-gray, varying to dark gray and to white, shallow fissured and scaly. The trunk is straight, with a wide-ringed wood. The wood colour is light-pink, with paler sapwood. Swamp White Oak is very heavy and resilient.
  • the Oak that grows in the open, away from pure stands and alder swamps, has a more resilient, but less hard wood. The mature wood is light-cream, with white sapwood.

Oak wood has a great strength and hardness, that's why it has been used since ancient times for general construction purposes. Oak is also one of the most popular species for shipbuilding, because its wood is resistant to rot.

Oak is the best wood traditionally used for flooring. Much of the explanation lies in the excellent physical properties of oak wood which is strong, tough and durable. An oak floor will last for more than half a century. But oak has also a very lovely appearance. Its distinctive graining and various markings (from light-cream to deep brown) make it very attractive. As it ages, oak wood deepens in colour to a rich brown with slight ambering over time. This colour change makes the floor more refined and beautiful.

Besides a lot of oak species used for flooring, there are many methods of processing the wood that allow of developing its colour and figure. The specialists use different refinishing techniques and surface treatments to highlight a noble character of oak wood, reveal its harmony and perfection, and create an exclusive wood floor.

One of these methods is white-staining. It is an Italian technique of the "whitening" of wood, especially oak. The bare wood is covered with white-coloured semitransparent stain. When the solvent of the stain evaporates, the wood acquires a lovely whitish tone. Then a polyurethane primer is used to smooth the surface and protect the colour. The colour remains bright thanks to a special lacquer that is applied afterwards and makes the wood floor durable.

The effect of white-staining is similar to the natural discoloration of a ship's decking exposed to sea water. This technique results in a beautiful, elegant and refined wood floor, which is sure to be the center of your home's interior.

Another technique is staining. Oak soaked in water becomes more durable (it may sound ironical, but it is a fact) and assumes a wonderful purple tone. Stained oak floors look distressed. Such floors will fit into any interior, but it is important to accentuate their unfailing charm with other details of the d?cor.

Oak is a classic wood in design. It is a sign of good form, exquisite taste and cherished traditions.

Oak floors are the best ones you can choose for your sweet home.

There is something that is not clear. Some definitions should be more precise or detailed. It happens that one can pronounce or write the things incorrectly. This article’s task is to examine all spelling mistakes in the words connected with wood floors, wood species and skirting boards.
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