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Kahrs wood floors collections

The Nature offers its riches free. Alexander Gerzen

The big range of Kahrs floors is offered by the nature. To offer its riches to you is Kahrs’ task over 150 years. Nature is wonderfully diverse.

"Leader-Parquet" caters for all tastes in parquet floors, presented in 15 collections:

The Nordic collection’s floors are manufactured from European wood species, such as Ash, Beech and Birch. They are light and make the interior fresh, neat and cool. Floors’ design: 1-, 2- and 3-strip.
These floors are also manufactured from the wood species of Central Europe (Italia, Germany, et al.): Oak and Maple. The color varies from light yellowish to honey yellow and brown. Floors’ design: 1-, 2- and 3-strip.
American Walnut, Cherry, Canadian Maple and Red Oak, – as varied as the continent of North America, these wood species offer a wide spectrum of colors: from amber to red and brown. Floors’ design is also 1-, 2- and 3-strip.
This collection presents the best of the woods of Africa, South America and Australia – the floors from Jarrah, Jatoba and Merbau. Their deep colors, from noble rose to dark cherry, would be the focus of your attention at home. The floors are designed in 1-, 2- and 3-strip.
In contrast to the other collections, this one is inspired by the wood species grown near the sea in Brazil, Norway and Great Britain – Jatoba and Oak. Beautiful ship’s decking floors would create a maritime feel with a light breeze in your house. Floors’ design: 1-strip with matching or contrasting flanks.
The Sand collection’s floors are produced from European wood species – Ash and Oak of Denmark and Italia. White-lacquered and oiled, these floors would fill your interior with light and harmony. Rich in several sandy-white shades, they would bring to you a fresh, clean and pared-down feel. The floors are designed in 1-, 2- and 3-strip.
For this collection, European Oak has been refined through a complex surface treatment (brushing, staining, surface relief) and the creation of a distinctive bevel on all four edges. The modern interior makes a contrast with the classic floors, and this contrast lets feel the joint of the time. Floors’ design: 1-strip.
A magnificent floor collection from European Oak and American Walnut is notable for its color gamut, its original style and its refined pattern. Floors’ design: Costello – 1-strip, Palazzo – Dutch pattern.
From pale to dark stained-Oak floors in Provence style are really adorable. Produced in unique design colors, they would make you feel the light south breeze and the magnetic spirit of French province in summer. 1-strip floors with the boards of different length are so typical for so-called French ship’s decking.
These unique floors combine the elegance and economy. The choice of wood species is wide: Ash, Beech, Birch, Cherry, Hard Maple, Jatoba, Oak, Palisander, Teak, Walnut. The main color of the collection is however light. Floors’ design: 1- and 2-strip. Floors’ thickness: 7 mm.
Oak, Ash and Red Oak, stained in different colors, are able to create a favorable foundation of the modern interior. Some floors in this collection are special as they are glossy-lacquered. Floors’ design: 2- and 3-strip.
This is a vintage floor collection from Oak which is distressed and stained. The Heritage Collection’s floors would bring you the beauty of the noble past and the genuine feel of the history. Floors’ design: 1-strip.
These thin floors, brushed and beveled, are produced so matchlessly that they create the visual effect of a massive plank. Stained and matt-lacquered Oak makes any interior elegant and warm. Floors’ design: 1-strip. Floors’ thickness: 7 mm.
The "spice" of this collection is the Oak Country stained in five different ways. Floors’ design: 3-strip.
This collection reflects the variety of landscapes on our planet. Kahrs Spirit floors would excite bright associations and inspire you to create new original interiors. All designs are1-strip.
The secret of this collection is a high-tech flexible material which amortizes all the pressure on the floor. A solid and lasting floor joint is assured by Woodloc®. Floors’ design: 3-strip.