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Some things to consider before buying a wood floor

The choice of the floor is one of the most important stages of the interior’s creation. If you look for an interior full of comfort, choose natural wood floors. They create a particular warm atmosphere at your house. All the trees are different in texture, so there are no identical floors. Kahrs presents over 100 items of wood floors. To facilitate your choice, the floors are divided into groups according to the grading of the wood, surface treatments, and the floor’s thickness.

Kahrs and Leader-Parquet advise you:

1. The choice of wood floors – take it more seriously. The flooring is a much more important element of your interior than it can seem to you at first. It is like your shoes suitable or not to your suit. It can produce or spoil the overall impression. The more we are showed different designers’ interiors, the more readily we agree with this statement. A beautiful wood floor is able to make exclusive all the other details of the interior. But sometimes, the floor being toneless, it does not match with furniture, doors and walls, and they look toneless too, even through they seemed to be well-chosen.

2. Light or dark floors.When your have to choose a light or a dark floor, you should not be guided only by your sympathy for any colors, or wood species, or fashion trends. Think about how to create a comfort place at your home. The points that influence the choice of floor colour, are: the room’s colour (if your room is rather dark or rather light) and orientation (if it looks south or north), the size of the windows, natural light and other light sources in the room. It is also important to imagine the room in the nighttime when it is lighted with artificial illuminants.

3. Your choice of wood floor design depends directly of your room’s dimensions It happens that, for example under the influence of fashion trends, our clients want to purchase a 1-strip wood floor, although they have to cover some little rooms. Just imagine: furniture and matting will hide the main space of the rooms, and this floor design will diminish still more their already small surface. As a rule, we recommend to purchase a 3- or 2-strip wood floor in this case. On the contrary, when our clients want to cover a big spacious room with a 3-strip floor, we try to convince them that a 1- or 2-strip floor will be more suitable for their purpose. Of course, if the client agrees to review the estimate. (See Various designs of Kahrs wood floors)

4. Your feelings will help you by choice: floors feel different to walk on Let decide not only your eyes, but also your feet. Will they prefer a smooth lacquered or an oiled floor? Or maybe a brushed and a relief surface? Feel the floors to make the right choice. We can not imagine how to choose a wood floor just seen on the Internet. Visit one of our exhibition pavilions to touch, to feel, to walk barefoot on a wood floor you like. After that, you can say that you take a considered decision. (See Various designs of Kahrs wood floors)

5. Choose a floor that reflects your style. It is very important to determine the details to be emphasized and, on the contrary, put into the background. We offer the wood floors for both purposes. A calm impression can be achieved with an evenly toned floor in the City selection, while the Country selection brings the floor into the forefront of your interior. Choose the Town selection if you look for the happy medium. (See Various designs of Kahrs wood floors)

6. The direction in which the floor is installed. Installing the floor in the direction of the main light source allows daylight to flow up the grain of the floor and reduce the appearance of joints within the floor’s surface. When the floor is installed perpendicularly to the light source, on the contrary, the butt joints of the floorboards are very apparent. The direction of the wood floor can make the room feel larger or smaller. The shape and dimensions of the room being sometimes very intricate, a diagonal installation can be the best solution.

7. A mix of materials will create dramatic contrast. A wood floor, combined with hard stone or tiles, will add to the beauty of both materials. A similar contrast is achieved with soft textiles or carpets, which will accentuate the wood floor’s hardness. A contrast will add an interesting aspect to your home.

8. A matt or a shiny surface. Oiled floors absorb light more than lacquered floors. This depends generally on the light intensity. As for wood floors with a glossy surface, they usually look very exclusive.

9. Let your heart make the final decision. Your home is the reflection of your style and your individuality. The most important thing is that your choice gives you satisfaction. Take your time, consider all possible variations. As for Leader-Parquet Company, our representatives are always glad to consult you and to give you the exhaustive information at our trade exhibition pavilions.