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Maintenance UV-lacquered floors

Maintenance UV-lacquer

The treatment with UV-lacquer assures the most optimal wood floors' protection. The floor is treated with 6 UV-lacquer coats, all of them drying instantly. The factory UV-lacquered floor is hardwearing, beautiful and easy to look after.


In rooms where you know water is frequently spilled, and where it may also be left on the floor, it is recommended to lacquer the floor again after laying. This seals the joints between the boards and gives better protection against water. Place doormats inside and outside the front door to stop dirt and grit being walked in, which can cause considerable wear. Put protective pads on furniture (not metal feet).

Cleaning UV-lacquered floors

For daily cleaning, use dry methods such as vacuuming. When necessary, damp-clean the floor with a well wrung-out mop. The floor must only become slightly damp. Do not allow spilt water to be left on the floor (particularly on Beech and Hard Maple floors). The film of water formed in this way must dry within one minute. For the best cleaning results, use Kahrs Cleaner.

Removing marks

If you get a mark on the floor, try removing it using Kahrs Cleaner and water (the floor must dry within one minute!). Use strong stain-removal materials cautiously, because they could effect the lacquer.

Remove with
Asphalt, rubber, oil, shoe polish, dried residues of chocolate or grease
White spirit
Wax crayon, lipstick
Benzene or similar
White spirit
Candle wax, chewing gum
Freeze spray (or put a plastic bag of ice-cubes on the mark, then scrape off carefully)
Cool water

Cleaning the wood floor on-time extends considerably its life time.

Maintenance UV-lacquered floors

Kahrs Lacquer Refresher gives a scratched and dulled surface a new finish and good protection. The floor must be clean, and free from polish, wax and other contaminants. Vacuum thoroughly and clean the floor with a well wrung-out floor cloth, using Kahrs Cleaner diluted with warm water.

Refreshing UV-lacquer

Clean the floor from contaminants. Shake Kahrs Lacquer Refresher and apply it with a soft clean cloth, sponge or polish applicator. If necessary, apply a second coat until the first dries. Allow to dry for 30 minutes before replacing the furniture.

Partial repair of UV-lacquered floors

  • Treat small surface scratches and scrape marks with Kahrs Lacquer Refresher. On deeper scratches, use Kahrs Touch-up Lacquer first.
  • Fill small indentations that have cracked the surface with Kahrs Touch-up Lacquer.
  • Treat a scratched surface with Kahrs Lacquer Refresher.
  • First fill deep dents, scratches and cracks with Woodfiller, then lacquer with Kahrs Touch-up Lacquer. Boards with major damage can be replaced.