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All advantages of Kahrs wood floors

The highest environmental standards

Kahrs has always met its commitment to the environment. All Kahrs production units have environmental and quality certification according to ISO 14001, the environmental management systems standard. Kahrs becomes the first wood floor manufacturer to achieve this quality certification. The full list of all chemical elements is declared in the reports of Swedish company.

30-year warranty

Kahrs has manufactured wood floors since more than 60 years, and has many examples of their use in domestic locations within the last fifty years. Combined with a complete care and maintenance program, this allows the company to offer a wear warranty of 30 years for the 15 mm wood floors with a top layer that can be re-sanded several times, and of 12 years for the 7 mm range. The latter can not be re-sanded.

Woodloc® joint, the world’s best mechanical joint

Woodloc® joint was launched in 2000. No other mechanical joint is as strong as Woodloc®. It is able to withstand the loading of 1 500 kg per linear meter. Furthermore, Woodloc® makes the installation much easier. The boards lock together mechanically with virtually invisible joints. The rows of boards are self-aligning. Thanks to the glue-free installation, the boards can be lifted at a later date and re-laid elsewhere.

Ideal floor to be laid over underfloor heating

Both Kahrs 15 mm parquet floor and Kahrs 7 mm Linnea can be laid over underfloor heating.

Two conditions must be observed:

  • the heat must be distributed efficiently and evenly across the floor;
  • the surface temperature of the floor must never exceed 27°C;
Beech and Hard Maple 15 mm parquet floors are particularly susceptible to moisture and temperature changes. There by, they should not be laid over underfloor heating.

The best climate stability

All the advantages and disadvantages of wood floors can be revealed only after some months or even years of their use. The stability of Kahrs wood floors is due the following factors:

  • Kahrs thoroughly chooses all the trees for its production and cuts them at a determined time of year;
  • the timber is air-dried within a year or more prior to drying in industrial kilns (this is an important distinction of Kahrs in comparison with other manufacturers);
  • Kahrs wood floors have the right balance between three layers in each board, and also the right dimension for each layer;
  • all the lamellae are glued between themselves; this makes the floor more resistant to subsequent damage and gaps;

The manufacturer controls carefully all the stages of wood floors’ production. Therefore, you get a floor with no annoying gaps, cracking, splitting, and etc.

An extra-strong and a very beautiful lacquer

To obtain a strong and durable surface, some modern manufacturers apply a layer of lacquer so thick that the floor feels plastic and artificial. Kahrs has therefore developed an extra-strong lacquer that is applied in a small amount (six thin layers). It is strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear over 15-20 years, yet sufficiently thin and transparent that you can see and experience the feeling of nature. The floor treated with lacquer is comfortable to walk on and allows the natural beauty of the wood grain to be revealed.

New design opportunities

Kahrs wood floors combine improved production techniques with new design opportunities. Swedish manufacturer always has an offer to suit to the ever changing face of interior design. The company works in close cooperation with leading European and American designers and architects. New trends and styles of wood floors are constantly being developed by Kahrs creative department, and they rapidly become very popular among the customers all over the world.