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Kahrs wood floors – whole design diversity

1-, 2- and 3-strip designs.

3-strip wood floors

Traditionally, the manufacturers produce wood floors designed in three different ways: 1-, 2- and 3-strip.

A wood floor is called 3-strip when the wear layer of the board is three strips wide. When it is two strips wide, the floor is 2-strip. When the surface of the board is sawn in one piece, the design is called 1-strip.

3-strip wood floors are the most universal and, percentagewise, the most popular. They are suitable for the rooms of all sizes. However, when you have to cover a big room, a 1- or a 2-strip design can be more suitable than a 3-strip one. The production of 3-strip wood floors implies the fewest inputs; therefore, their sales price is lower.

2-strip wood floors

If you want a certain compromise at a reasonable price, choose 2-strip wood floors: they are not so pretentious than 1-strip wood floors and are more suitable for spacious rooms than 3-strip floors.

1-strip wood floors

1-strip design of wood floors is undoubtedly the most refined. However, these floors are more suitable for big and spacious rooms, and are the most expensive. The development of new design styles for 1-strip wood floors and their adoption are of high priority in the further Kahrs strategy.

Nowadays, the gradation between these floor designs is not so clear, as the strips of some 1-strip wood floors can be practically as wide as the strips of the 2-strip floors.

Dutch pattern

Besides 1-, 2- and 3-strip designs, Kahrs resorts to the so-called dutch pattern (see the collection "European Renaissance").

Three types of wood floor grading: City, Town and Country


When the concept of your interior implies a floor with a uniform and regular timber grade, look for a wood floor in the City selection. These floors are stylishly understated. They are practically uniform in tone and pattern. The wood floor in City selection serves as a backdrop and sets the focus on the rest of the decoration.


The Town selection is the most universal. The wood’s pattern is clear and moderate. In our opinion, a wood floor in Town selection would not stint your design fantasy in any way. So, you can easily accentuate different elements of your interior.


It is no secret that the Country selection is Kahrs favorite one. Swedish company has a very particular attitude to the wood and always tries to keep all the variety of its colors and patterns. Many manufacturers are simply afraid of rustic wood floors’ commercial-scale production. But Kahrs creates such attractive designs with deep color variations, that every new floor in this selection becomes immediately very popular with the customers, designers and architects. Choose the Country selection if you want to put the floor in the heart of your interior.

The complementary group Classic


Classic is the group of Kahrs wood floors processed with a variety of surface treatments: bevel (beveled edges), brushing, relief surface, staining, colored staining, and so on. Nature is certainly the main source of a great many colors and forms, but the man’s fantasy is incoercible.

Complex surface treatments of the wood floors


Pay heed to an old threadbare wood floor. On the one hand, it is shabby and is in need of repair; but on the other hand, the wood has acquired an ineffable charm. It looks as if the sand on the shoes had practically "combed out" the soft wood grains, so the surface of the floor has become more relief, and the texture of natural wood – more apparent. The same effect is attained by brushing. However, wood species have a very particular texture, and all of them can not be brushed. As for Kahrs, generally oak floors are brushed.

Colored staining

Staining in color makes wider the palette of the wood floors. There is a full Kahrs collections of color-stained floors: Sand, Classic Nouveau, European Renaissance, etc. Colored staining makes possible to create more various interiors.

Bevel (beveled edges)

The floors are called "beveled" when two length or all four edges of the board are beveled at the angle of 45 degrees and form a V-groove between two boards. As for the massive wood floor, the bevel fulfills a double function: it lowers the level drops and serves as a decoration. As to the parquet floor, the bevel has only a decorative effect: it creates the sensation of a solid massive wood floor under your feet.

Relief surface

To see what the relief surface is, look at two Kahrs floors of the collection "Classic Nouveau" – Oak Nouveau Mocha and Oak Nouveau Almond. They both have a pronounced wavy surface, as though they have been in use for a long time. These floors seem to be old, frayed, and threadbare. If you look for an interior full of history, take count of these two floors.


All the wood floors of the collection "Heritage" are thermal processed, or stained. Kahrs technique of heat treatment causes no damage to the environment. The color of the stained wood does not change after scraping.

Distressed floors

Scratches here and where, traces of heels and nail heads, ragged edges – all these details, when used gently, create a perfect vintage look of the "Heritage" collection. A distressed wood floor acquires a particular charm and the warmth of the history.

Four different types of surface treatments

Silk Matt Lacquer

A light polish of silk matt (satin) lacquer accentuates the wood’s natural living structure and stresses the refinement of your interior. Silk matt lacquer protects your floor from microscratchings and is the most hardwearing and durable. Your floor treated with satin lacquer is easy to clean. All you need is a regular vacuuming and a damp-cleaning with a well wrung-out mop. Kahrs silk matt lacquer is free of solvents, formaldehydes and isocyanides. (See "Maintenance UV-lacquered floors")

Matt Lacquer

Matt lacquer gives an impression that the floor is completely untreated bear wood, just sanded up, or treated with natural oil. The floor treated with matt lacquer does not shine and looks quiet natural, but needs less care than the floor treated with natural oil. Matt lacquer is as hardwearing and easy to maintain as satin lacquer. Kahrs matt lacquer is free of solvents, formaldehydes and isocyanides. (See "Maintenance UV-lacquered floors")

Glossy Lacquer

Glossy (glassy) lacquer makes your wood floors lustrous and impressive. Their smooth surface, like a mirror, reflects all other elements of your interior, and makes your room larger. Glossy lacquer is as durable and easy to maintain as the satin lacquer. However, scratches and pincers are more apparent on the floor treated with glossy lacquer. Kahrs glossy lacquer is free of solvents, formaldehydes and isocyanides. (See "Maintenance UV-lacquered floors")

Nature Oil

The wood floor treated with nature oil looks much more natural than the floor processed with matt lacquer. The oil brings out the wood’s texture and enriches the natural wood color. While easy to look after, the floors treated with nature oil need a little more care: you should process them regularly with Kahrs touch-up and Kahrs oil refresher. This care makes your wood floors more beautiful and richer in color. (See "Maintenance natural oiled floors")