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Leader-Parquet Company has widened the collections "Linnea" and "Linnea Design"


Leader-Parquet Company has widened Kahrs collection "Linnea" with four exclusive wood floors launched in North America: Linnea Cherry Mocha, Linnea Hard Maple Amber, Linnea Hard Maple Espresso and Linnea Hard Maple Toffee. These are 1-strip silk matt lacquer beveled wood floors from American Cherry and Canadian Maple. Their rich texture with nacre tinges makes the wood floors refined and modern. The grading City looks very elegant and stylish.

Moreover, we have enlarged the collection "Linnea Design" with two new oak floors also put on the market of USA and Canada: Linnea Oak Cloud and Linnea Oak Coal. These wood floors being added, Linnea Design Collection has become more interesting and more attractive in design and in color.

The unique 7 mm Linnea floors offer you a rare opportunity to create a visual effect of expensive solid wood floors at your place, but at a much lower price.

New Kahrs wood floors – only by Leader-Parquet Company!