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Winter has come! It is time to think how to keep your house warm.


Leader-Parquet Company knows how to keep your house warm and comfy: you need wood floors "Kahrs", perfect and wonderful.

When it is cold outside, it is important to create the atmosphere of comfort at your place. The real comfort means a warm wood floor. Kahrs is the best European company manufacturing the floors from traditional and exotic wood species.

Leader-Parquet Company suggests your installing a first-class wood floor at your house. We offer everything that is needed to install an ideal parquet finish: Kahrs wood floors, Pedross skirting boards, and a lot of associated goods.

To keep your wood floor solid and durable for a long time, do not forget that:

The whole floor area must be heated (except systems, which complement ordinary heating).

The surface temperature of the finished floor must never exceed 27°C at any point. A vapour barrier must be built into the floor construction, as close to the wood floor as possible. The vapour barrier must never be underneath the joist structure.

Ensure that there are no air gaps between the wood floor and the surface beneath, as this could cause the wood to dry out.

The installation of a wood floor is very peculiar. Read the instruction carefully before laying.